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::New Internationalist Issue 350, October 2002

An online version of this issue, in its print edition called “The case for open borders”, can be found  here


Some of the most daring actions against the detention of refugees often imprisoned for years have taken place at Woomera, Australia. Protesters cut through the fences and razor wire in a dramatic break-out of detainees in March 2002. Detainees have held powerful protests even sewing up their lips to express their despair at being detained indefinitely. Repeated actions have resulted in the escape of asylum seekers. In Britain a nine-year campaign to close Campsfield detention centre bore fruit this year with the announcement that the centre would close in 2003. But other larger detention centres are to be opened. In the US too there are official plans to build a series of privately run prisons for ’undocumented aliens’ in Arizona.

The print edition contains an article by Damien Lawson on the “criminalisation” of refugees.

::Woomera2002 Scrapbook - “Desert Storm”

At the round-up of the Melbourne Woomera 2002 network the great fundraising collective had managed to get so much cash together there was some left over. A proposal was agreed upon that some money be put aside to fund a publication of reflections and analysis of the protest...
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::Messages from Strasbourg

A selection from a large number of message cards addressed to detainees at Woomera and elsewhere by participants in the Strasbourg No Border CampJuly 2002. The originals have now been delivered as intended.
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::Labour, unions, migrants and race
by Andrea Maksimovic


The Australian union movement's relationship with questions of race and migration has always been uneasy, with strong currents of nationalism and racism running through its dealing with question of so-called "illegal" workers. Through its affiliation with the Australian Labor Party, the union movement ...
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::new work and freedom :

text from Fake Fashion exhibition as part of Melbourne's Fashion Festival 2002
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