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baxter 2003

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Jack Smit of Safecom Inc has compiled media releases, mainstream media reports and eyewitness accounts from the Baxter convergence in a set of browser-viewable pages available for download from here.(This is a zip file; the reports are also posted on the  Safecom Baxter page.) More accounts and photos are assembled on Melbourne Indymedia with links to other sites.

For a collection of photos from the convergence, visit moz.net.

barbed wire sunset

::No One Is Illegal - Call to Action

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”
Lilla Watson

National borders shifted to restrict migration
Offshore processing and detention
Forced deportations
No new recorded arrivals in over a year
The gradual phasing out of current onshore detention centres, and the relocation of those who have spent months and years in imprisonment ...

Australia is not alone in fortifying its borders. All over the world governments erect walls of concrete and razor wire, install high tech security equipment and employ computerised surveillance systems to protect their power and privilege from those seeking a better life. In an increasingly globalised world Capital moves freely, but not people.

A new state-of-the-art militarised centre at Baxter. In order to reverse the negative community perception of mandatory detention, gone is the razor wire. But the barriers still remain.

An electric fence secures the border.

no entry

Solid fences within the camp are erected not for containment but to increase isolation. From the inside all that can be seen is the sky. Separate compounds divide friends and family.

The invisibility of those inside is made possible by locating the "detention facility" in the desert. Information barriers are strictly policed by the state and the private corporation that profits from incarceration. Letting the imprisonment of those inside go unchallenged will only strengthen the forces that control the lives of people on both sides of the fence.

Having risked their lives in coming here seeking freedom, many people inside the camps risk further imprisonment, deportation and even death in challenging their detention. They join thousands of people world-wide who riot, self harm, light fires and destroy compounds in protest against and in defiance of their incarceration.

As the people inside escalate their struggle, so shall our struggle escalate in solidarity. For we are part of a global movement fighting for the right of all people to move and to stay.

razorwire fence

This Easter we will converge at Baxter. We will take action in solidarity with our brothers and sisters inside the camps. Through civil disobedience we will make contact and challenge the barriers that divide us. Join us.

Ours will be part of many actions that are planned for the Baxter protest from April 18 -20. Direct actions, media, radio, vigils, workshops, music. For more information, visit the Baxter2003 website.

No One Is Illegal
February 2003

caution sign

::Autonomous Baxter Network

This is a call out for interested people / crews / affinity groups to create a space to discuss, network, share resources and organise for the Baxter convergence happening this Easter [April 18-20].

As a starting point, the network will aim to gather together people who share a critique of the "refugee" movement, encompassing an understanding of the role played by capitalism and the state in restricting the movement and freedom of people all over the world. It will be open to all those that are committed to a respect for a diversity of tactics, and non-hierarchical, autonomous, decentralised forms of organising.

Whilst heaps of people are planning on coming to the convergence, the existing organising meetings [Baxter Network Melbourne] are lacking in inspiration, creativity and a genuine commitment to decentralised, autonomous network organising.

This call out has been initiated by No One Is Illegal.

We are proposing that a regular fortnightly network meeting be held at the Queensberry Hotel, 5:30pm, Mondays, commencing on the 24th February. Interested people / crews / affinity groups are encouraged to bring along their ideas, skills and specific projects planned for Baxter in the hope that we can support each other and create a space that is productive, inspiring and fun.

radio free baxter

::resources for Baxter2003

Download the following in .pdf format - file sizes in parentheses:

water tap

::Donations for water

No One Is Illegal has undertaken to organise a water tanker for the convergence. If you can help with the cost - estimated at $1500 - please contact us by email (nooneisillegal@netscape.com), phone(0412 707 808), or make a donation directly to our bank account:
cheque account number 1026 6851 at the Commonwealth Bank, RMIT Carlton, BSB 063262, account name no one is illegal.
Thank you.

baxter detention centre

::Getting to Baxter

Buses are being organised from most capital cities. To get on one call people in your state's network. If you want to get on a bus in Melbourne call Grace on 0425 783 792. Book early if you want to make sure you have a place.
Car pooling is another option - check the rideboard at the baxter convergence website

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